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Banksy Vs. Robbo Parts 1 & 2

Part 1

As a recap, this all started at the tail end of last year.   Banksy incorporated a 25 year Robbo piece into one of his, and graffiti heads were up in arms.

The Banksy piece:

banksy wall paper graffiti

How Robbo’s piece originally looked:

king robbo 1985

Team Robbo’s response on Christmas day was:

robbo versus banksy

The story exploded and even got picked up by, the Sun, Times and Mail, all of which featured the story.  Check Graffoto‘s coverage for the full insight.

Part 2

Now, the battle continues…

king robbo vs banksy part 2

How it originally looked:

banksy canal camden fishing boy

Which leaves everyone wondering if Banksy will respond… or if Team Robbo continue reworking Banksys on the street?   Either way, it promises to be fun watching this unfold.

Images courtesy of nolionsinengland, Citrus Topnote, Jr., robbo wrh pfb wd and Matt From London

UPDATE: Banksy Vs. Robbo Parts 3 & 4.

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