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New York Banksy Street Art Pieces Being Destroyed, on Video

These days, it seems no sooner has a Banksy gone up, it gets either cut from the wall to be resold, buffed, reworked, or “vandalised” (as much as you can vandalise vandalism).  Banksy’s latest stop on his US tour, New York was no exeption.

The culpit in this case seems to be a tagger going by the name of Omar, and unusually the whole thing has been captured for posterity on film.  If you’re interested in seeing original street Banksys wiped out in a matter of seconds, here’s the footage.

Which was closely followed by this.

Both videos originally uploaded by rattrap nyc.  How those pieces and the other New York Banksy street art pieces looked before they were wiped are documented here.

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  1. […] that followed Banksy’s visit to New York, the destruction of a couple of his pieces was caught on camera.  Now, the creation of one has come to […]

    Posted by Banksy caught on camera – for real this time | June 25, 2010, 8:36 pm

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