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Hastings Banksy Allowed to Stay, Pictured in Detail

Tweet Almost as soon as reports of a new Banksy in Hastings came in, local observers feared it could be victim of the buff of Hastings Borough Council.  Well worry not.  Hastings Observer reports that the piece will be granted a reprieve: Councillor Jay Kramer, deputy leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: “I think this […]

Banksy in Hastings

Tweet It’s been a while, but it appears Banksy’s back putting up, on home soil no less. This piece has just been captured in Hastings, which  EINE calls home. VIA.

Banksy in Portland, Oregon?

Tweet Banksy’s been quiet of late by his standards, but that silent spell might have been broken over in Portland, US.  Either that or there’s a very accomplished impostor at work, judge for yourself .. Most notably, there’s this blue rain NOLA that just went up. This photo was taken by Tim F.S. Brown, who […]

Banksy at Glastonbury 2010

Tweet Banksy hasn’t hit UK shores for a little while, but he still hasn’t broken with tradition with an appearance at Glastonbury.   Back in 2007, he created a portable toilet sculpture as well as that police stop and search piece, along with many confirmed and unconfirmed sightings before and after. Fast forward to 2010 Photo […]

Banksy caught on camera – for real this time?

Tweet In the aftermath that followed Banksy’s visit to New York, the destruction of a couple of his pieces was caught on camera. Now, the creation of one may have come to light. Much of the UK press claimed Banksy was caught on CCTV in London recently, and as initial suspicions confirmed, this was a […]

Banksy gets his portrait done, yet more new pieces

Tweet Banksy’s homepage had another update, including a couple of gems not seen before.  Here are the all new Banksys from the update that we haven’t already documented here. First up, in Brooklyn. This one seemed to pass by almost unnoticed by the internet until appearing on Banksy’s site, give or take a grainy Twitpic […]

New York Banksy Street Art Pieces Being Destroyed, on Video

Tweet These days, it seems no sooner has a Banksy gone up, it gets either cut from the wall to be resold, buffed, reworked, or “vandalised” (as much as you can vandalise vandalism).  Banksy’s latest stop on his US tour, New York was no exeption. The culpit in this case seems to be a tagger […]

New Banksy in New York – Gone Already

Tweet Thanks to amolho4 for these photos.  This one only lasted moments before being gone over by Omar – see the photos of this and how it looks now here.

One New York Banksy Utterly Wiped Out, Team Robbo Stateside?

Tweet Ouch.  Remember this?  You probably do because it only went up this weekend.  It now looks like this Interesting to see the “I Love NYC” part of the piece has been replaced with what seems to read the now familiar “Team Robbo”, something London Banksy pieces are more than accustomed to now.  Not to […]

Banksy In New York: UPDATED

Tweet You might remember this figure previously from San Francisco. Photo is by amolho4. Check @lunaparknyc‘s photo of this one too here. Then there’s this all new piece. Photo by jakedobin, thanks @lunaparknyc. UPDATE #1: Banksy in NYC, piece number three spotted. Photo thanks to Luna Park. UPDATE #2: Photo by f.trainer. Photo by Luna […]

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