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Along with the rest of the LA Edition, the Applause Banksy print first saw a release for sale in 2006 at Barely Legal in the form of 100 unsigned prints (but numbered out of 500), printed by Modern Multiples.  There are a limited number of signed prints in circulation from this edition too (low edition numbers and proofs),  but these never went on general sale.
A little later on in 2006 saw Applause’s UK release in the form of 150 signed prints, and 500 unsigned.

• 100 LA Edition – Unsigned
• 500 POW Edition – Unsigned
• 150 POW Edition – Signed


banksy print applause

banksy print applause
Originally uploaded by pink_sneaks here.

banksy print applause
Originally uploaded by maggie jones here.

Banksy Canvas applause
From Banksy’s LA show Barely Legal in 2006, originally uploaded here.

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