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Banksy’s Soup Cans prints are amongst his most iconic, and came in four different varieties.

First of all, originally released in 2005 was the original colourway single Soup Can.  A total edition of 300, 50 were signed and 250 were unsigned.

Next in 2005 came the coloured variations of the Soup Can.  Still depicting a single can, these came in a total of 28 different colours, with 10 of each (making 280 prints in total), all of which were signed.

Lastly, in 2006 came the Lazarides edition which featured four soup cans with gold tops.  These came in two different varieties, grey paper or cream paper.  There were 54 of the cream version, and 12 of the grey, and all of them were signed.

• 250 Original Edition Single Soup Can – Unsigned
• 50 Original Edition Single Soup Can – Signed

• 280 Coloured Edition Soup Can – Signed
There were 10 each of the following colours released as part of this edition:
• White/ Blue/ Red (Artist’s Proof)
• Banana/ Cherry/ Dark Blue
• Banana/ Lime/ Purple
• Banana/ Orange/ Hot Pink
• Black/ Orange/ Hot Pink
• Lilac/ Emerald/ Purple
• Mint/ Emerald/ Cherry
• Mint/ Orange/ Brown
• Pale Lilac/ Cherry/ Mint
• Pale Lilac/ Lime/ Dark Blue
• Pink/ Cherry/ Sky Blue
• Pink/ Emerald/ Raspberry
• Pink/ Lime/ Hot Pink
• Purple/ Orange/ Blue
• Sage Green/ Blue/ Brown
• Sage Green/ Cherry/ Tan
• Sage Green/ Lime/ Cherry
• Violet/ Blue/ Tan
• Violet/ Cherry/ Beige
• Violet/ Orange/ Mint
• White/ Blue/ Hot Pink
• White/ Emerald/ Tan
• White/ Orange/ Raspberry
• Yellow/ Blue/ Tan
• Yellow/ Cherry/ Brown
• Yellow/ Emerald/ Brown
• Yellow/ Emerald/ Sky Blue
• Yellow/ Lime/ Hot Pink

And finally the Four Soup Cans version:
• 54 Cream Paper Edition Four Soup Cans – Signed
• 12 Grey Paper Edition Four Soup Cans – Signed


The colourways edition of Banksy’s Soup Can print (click to enlarge)
Banksy Tescos Soup

From the original edition:
Banksy Tescos Soup Can Signed Print
Originally uploaded by sc00t3r here.

From the colourways edition:
Banksy Prints Tesco Soup Framed
Originally uploaded by markhillary here.

Banksy famously placed a Tesco Soup canvas into New York’s MOMA and it lasted 3 days before being taken down by the museum.
Banksy Tesco Soup Canvas MOMA
Image courtesy of Wooster.

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