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Banksy in Portland, Oregon?

Tweet Banksy’s been quiet of late by his standards, but that silent spell might have been broken over in Portland, US.  Either that or there’s a very accomplished impostor at work, judge for yourself .. Most notably, there’s this blue rain NOLA that just went up. This photo was taken by Tim F.S. Brown, who […]

Banksy at Glastonbury 2010

Tweet Banksy hasn’t hit UK shores for a little while, but he still hasn’t broken with tradition with an appearance at Glastonbury.   Back in 2007, he created a portable toilet sculpture as well as that police stop and search piece, along with many confirmed and unconfirmed sightings before and after. Fast forward to 2010 Photo […]

Banksy caught on camera – for real this time?

Tweet In the aftermath that followed Banksy’s visit to New York, the destruction of a couple of his pieces was caught on camera. Now, the creation of one may have come to light. Much of the UK press claimed Banksy was caught on CCTV in London recently, and as initial suspicions confirmed, this was a […]

Banksy In Toronto

Tweet Banksy’s whirlwind tour accross the pond continued over the past couple of days, with him hitting up Tonronto in quite a big way. Images from the Show and Tell Gallery Blog via Vandalog. And it seems it didn’t stop there. Photo by Martinho, who has a nice set of some of the Toronto Banksys […]

Banksy Alcatraz Rat

Tweet Banksy’s extended holiday really is bringing up some gems. Alcatraz, US.  Thanks to Patrick Fallon for these flicks. UPDATE: Patrick Fallon has a blog post on uptownalmanac with a few more details of his discovery.

New Banksy Rat in San Francisco

Tweet In what looks like it could be one final addition to the set of six San Francisco Banksy pieces, this rat was spotted in Fern Ally, San Francisco by Chingpower. This same rat in another form made it to the cover of LA Weekly last month.

Banksy Hits San Francisco: UPDATED

Tweet Two pieces have just popped up in San Francisco which certainly bear one or two Banksy hallmarks. Image credits: first photo by Call Me Wheeze, second by caughtyouhoney, third by cattzmeow, fourth by cominginfifth, fifth by 2couldrons. The first piece is located in China Town, San Francisco, while the second is in the Mission […]

Banksy Street Art Piece in LA Gone Already

Tweet One Banksy that appeared in LA has already been removed, reports the LAist. Photo credit: Wicks Walker. In what seems like a professionally done job, it’s as if the Jeff Koons referencing Banksy never existed.  Before being cut away, it was apparently under 24 hour guard, so it seems likely the building owner played […]

Another New Banksy in Los Angeles

Tweet Following on from the new Banksy piece spotted in LA yesterday, another one has cropped up. Photo credit: Sonja Teri. Banksy’s film premieres in LA tonight, more here on Wooster, and for the full US screening schedule, check banksyfilm.com.

New Banksy in LA

Tweet To neatly coincide with the forthcoming US release of Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy’s back in LA with an all new piece. Photo credit: benphen

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