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One New York Banksy Utterly Wiped Out, Team Robbo Stateside?

Tweet Ouch.  Remember this?  You probably do because it only went up this weekend.  It now looks like this Interesting to see the “I Love NYC” part of the piece has been replaced with what seems to read the now familiar “Team Robbo”, something London Banksy pieces are more than accustomed to now.  Not to […]

Robbo, it happened again

Tweet If you’re utterly bored by the Camden saga, look away now. Remember the latest round of re-Banksy’d Robbo’d Banksys?  They’re back to Robbo team colours again, all four of them.  And here they are.

Team Robbo: Banksy Fights Back?

Tweet Each of the four Camden Banksys that originally appeared at the tail end of last year, and were subsequently reworked by Team Robbo, have now had all traces of any Robbo involvement wiped clean. We’re now at the stage that each of these four pieces has had three different incarnations, and each time a […]

Banksy Vs. Robbo Part… erm

Tweet Actual Banksy news follows in the next update, but for the purposes of a complete record, the Robbo “beef” continues… Not content with reworking all of the Camden Banksys (Parts 1 & 2 and Parts 3 & 4),  Team Robbo continue to vandalise vandalism.  This time one of the very few Banksy placard rats […]

Banksy Vs. Robbo: It Continues

Tweet While Banksy continues to paint pieces in Utah, and continues to have those pieces painted over, back in London his latest pieces are getting reworked courtesy of Robbo.  This all started when Banksy incorporated a 25 year old Robbo mural into one of his new pieces in Camden, which led to these responses by […]

Banksy Vs. Robbo Parts 1 & 2

Tweet Part 1 As a recap, this all started at the tail end of last year.   Banksy incorporated a 25 year Robbo piece into one of his, and graffiti heads were up in arms. The Banksy piece: How Robbo’s piece originally looked: Team Robbo’s response on Christmas day was: The story exploded and even got […]

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